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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Participation in the support for the art colony of Pocitelj 2005
Participation of artists for the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2005
Participation of events with the association of European Culture in Zavidovici 2005/2006


Festival Europeen des Arts in 50530 Bacilly, 2003
Festival Europeen des Arts in 50530 Bacilly, 2004
Festival Europeen des Arts in 50530 Bacilly, 2005
Festival Europeen des Arts in 50530 Bacilly, 2006
Festival Europeen des Arts in 37130 Mazières de Touraine, 2009
Culture trail 2010- Mazières de Touraine


Partnership with the City of Frankfurt for 'Neues aus Europa', 2007
Project with the home for political asylum seekers in Gerstungen, 2008
Jugendfahrt Berlin 2009, 8. bis 10. Mai 2009
Project "Ars et Sequentia", June 2009
Feis in Berlin, Septembrie 2009
Culture trail 2010: Mönchenholzhausen, Schwemsal, Weimar


Organization of Roma Integration with art progammes for children; theatre and dance for adults with the Kinderbauernhof as partner in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.
Organization of an art exhibition in the Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal Museum. Artists from France, Switzerland and Croatia, 2005
Organization of a huge art programme for the 2007 Cultural Capital of Europe in Sibiu
Art project in colaboration with "Young in Sibiu" from Deventer, The Netherlands
Sculpture Project ,Cisnadie (Sibiu) September 2009
(CISART - Simpozionul de Arta Contemporana ed. a II-a 2009 (25.08.09- 05.09.09))
"Teren de Joaca" Exhibition 15.01.2010 in Astra Library, organized by Lavinia si Stefan Cretu


Organization of art integration programmes with the Drill Hall in Lincoln 2006, 2007, 2008
Theatre and Music events 2006, 2007 and 2008
Culture Trail 2010 - Lincoln

The Netherlands

Colaboration for the Video Festival in Deventer - September 2009
Title: Prognosis for the future. Date: 11 sept. ‘09 t/m 27 sept ‘09
Culture Trail 2010 - Deventer


Culture Trail 2010- Soltvadkert