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Art is alive. Share it!
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 Art is alive. Share it!

European House of Arts (EHOA) supports cultural and artistic exchange between all countries by organising encounters with artists of different disciplines. The primary interest is the field of arts and culture on local, regional levels, and then connecting this to the wider national and international scene. European House of Arts believes in the methods of inter-disciplinary projects and personal encounters between the diverse ethnicities. In the art world, cultural diverstity becomes a ball of strength and a pointer towards a more tolerant future, and this reveals a wider view of how society can change. By bringing these values into the homes of ordinary people through art festivals, the smallest cells of society become the leaders of social innovation, shifting values to a higher level of freedom and peace.

The idea behind each performance or exhibition is to transmit cultural values from lively art resources to a public using live, authentic methods, which the artists carry out themselves. This interaction is important in determining a true conveyance of the artists message to the people. An artists job is to inform its public about the transitions in society, sometimes with futuristic methods, and sometimes by means of depicting lost values; but always sharpening our senses toward our socio-political, physical and psychological environment. When we are caught up in our everyday work, we dont have time to do this! Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the free art scene has a platform to evolve on, and this is where European House of Arts can help. Institutions are clearly doing the best they can, but the sheer size of the administration sometimes does not allow for much flexibility, and good ideas often get tangled up in the network of authority and who is responsible. Nobody wants to sign a contract with an artist when it can lead to their redundancy! Each art form has its own message, character and story to tell. Behind each art work, book or piece of music is the artists transmission of personal, ethnical history into the present; cultural belonging, emotional and intellectual stamina are therefore projected into the future. The artists are the innovators of our society, they see transformation when it is needed, and not when it is too late – whether the artist is a pro, or amateur. It is wanting the change that counts!